Aspiring Atelier

The Aspiring Diy Ateleir!

Welcome to my newsletter showcasing my projects I’ve worked on for the past year or so with works that include my foray into my home Diy projects. Being a novice in the DIY world can be daunting and never wrecking all at once. My attempt to bring life to furniture pieces that have been a part of my life for a very long time and needed some good old fashioned tender love and care.

My attempt at composing this page was to document my work and hopefully inspire and bring levity. Hopefully the pictures will give you insight into my task I took on starting around January 2017 and on going.

Follow the link below to get the beginnings of my furniture makeover projects.

Created by Sheila Crew on May 8 2018. Revised March 2019 with continued revisions as of April 2020