Sheila Crew is the author of Sheila’s Corner. Writing missives related my time after retirement years. It seems like only yesterday, but eight years have passed along since my first time starting this blog.

I live in North Central Florida in a community where a very popular and talked about college is adored by residents and alike.

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New Website being developed to discuss Upholstery For Beginners

A new website is in development as we speak. The website will be based on Upholstery For Beginners. Still working on the fine points but if you’d like to take a peek, click on the link. https://sheilacrewinteriors.com

Sheila Crew Interiors

Who would have thought building a website and an online business would be so tedious.

Never in a million years or maybe my lifetime I would have thought about building a website or an online business at the same time. It has been a long journey which seems there is no end in sight. However, that is not true. I just did not have any idea all the nuanced parts that mattered so much in getting what you needed to convey your message across to your audience. There is so much to think about and how you want your content to come across. Who in your targeted audience would even give your product a second glance. All that comes to mind while working with it. This has been going on for 2 years in the making but the building part for the past five months. I finally found a company I can put my trust in to get this done. I will drop more about my upcoming venture when time permits.

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