Monitoring Time Spent On Task

Today I am testing out my new system to keeping me on track with task. As I mentioned in my blog post yesterday I was starting new things. A fellow DIYer and blogger suggested using the Google Timer. Honestly, I did not know Google had a tool available to track your time. But as withContinue reading “Monitoring Time Spent On Task”

The New Rules of Grocery Shopping Under Quarantine | Sunset Magazine Hope everyone is safe and healthy. We have been bombarded with so much information regarding our habits since the invasion of the Corona Virus. It has literally taken over our lives in more ways than one. Makes for an uncomfortable way of living. My heart goes out to those who have lost their lovedContinue reading “The New Rules of Grocery Shopping Under Quarantine | Sunset Magazine”

The best Black Friday deals 2019 | Top Ten Reviews

Happy Thanksgiving to all. I hope your having a wonderful time with family. As you know Black Friday deals are waiting. Here are some I found that were absolute steals. Check them out in the link below on site. Happy shopping! Have a safe holiday.

Finding good content to publish.

You want to publish good content on your site and hope your readership will enjoy it. My scant publishings are on purpose. I have other platforms I post on but find myself struggling to find good content to publish on here. I belong to another platform where the readers are definately a literal group asContinue reading “Finding good content to publish.”

“Don’t You Know Who I am?” How To Stay Sane In An Era of Narcissism, Entitlement, And Incivility. By Dr. Ramani Durvasula, PH.D.

Over the past few months I saw articles written in Psychology Today, on Quora and other platforms but brushed over them because I thought, oh here we go with another phenomenon. I came across Dr. Ramani’s interviews on Med Circle and listened to what she had to say about the topic and boy was IContinue reading ““Don’t You Know Who I am?” How To Stay Sane In An Era of Narcissism, Entitlement, And Incivility. By Dr. Ramani Durvasula, PH.D.”

A fast, really past, ridiculousy fast (ah, never mind)

Originally posted on John's Head:
With only 15 minutes to go in my blogging day, I’m going to attempt to give some updates on news categories and celebrities as I see fit. WARNING:  If you having particular political affiliation which results in triggering, please do not watch this post without having taken a sufficient…