Humor is my identity

My friend John has so nicely put humor in perspective. As he points out, it is good to be able to laugh at oneself. I love his writing because I always tend to agree with his points of human absurdities and how we all miss the point that we have those moments as well. Maybe I’m biased, but nonetheless, I always enjoy his insights. Good to hear from you my friend.

John E Guzzardo - Writer, Author, Blogger

As I go back and look at this blog, I found myself writing about several subjects, taking the attitude of a bona fide know-it-all, when the reality is I barely know anything. This isn’t a matter of feeling sorry for myself, but an acknowledgement of self. It’s easy to be a know-it-all, but it’s far, far harder to become educated and knowledgeable about a subject. As blogging is becoming far more specialized and trend is for niche blogging, it is tempting to become a specialist and try to be an expert on one particular thing. People seek out the advice and knowledge of experts, even if the word “expert” is repellant in this day and age. The comfort in being able to fall back on the words of an expert or someone with above-average knowledge of subject matter is reassuring. It is comforting.

Which brings me to the biggest question…

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