Monitoring Time Spent On Task

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Today I am testing out my new system to keeping me on track with task. As I mentioned in my blog post yesterday I was starting new things.

A fellow DIYer and blogger suggested using the Google Timer. Honestly, I did not know Google had a tool available to track your time. But as with any program suite there are always productivity tools to use. You just have to look.

At this point I am testing the timer to see if I can keep on track with task. I am starting with incremental changes and tweaking things as I go along.

For instance, yesterday I spent over 3 hours on my desktop. Pouring over items I needed to purge from my email client and rearranging how I wanted to keep information available at my disposal. I am not complete with that task because as with anything, if you are not attentive, things get out of control over time.

Today, I will dedicate my time to an online class I chose from the SkillShare website. What impressed me the most, it is self paced. But I am testing the Google timer and dedicating a incremental time to completing each task in the presentation.

Well that’s all I have for today. Give you an update about what I’ve learned and how the Google Timer helped.

Thanks for listening.

Sheila C

May 27 2020


Let me start by saying I hope all are well and safe. This has been an eye opener and let me just say… does biting off more than you can chew sounds familiar. As I delved into my task, I thought this should take about two weeks tops. No such luck. The more I emptied the file vessels, the paper grew and grew. Well you get the idea.

Shredding comes to mind…ha! Yes. Two days or more of shredding and would you know I burned out my poor shredder that has faithfully served me for seven years. I think she had enough and said you are on your own. Nonetheless, I progressed on to organizing what was left of the paper brigade and getting it sized down to a few storage boxes which I managed to fit in the bottom of my closet.

Next came my purging containers I thought I would needed and a sundry of items, like old cable cords, cellphones, landline handsets, etc. They all ended up at our electronic graveyard. I hate taking stuff there because I see the waste us consumers have developed with our discretionary money. And I’m adding to the pile. Since our waste management company and utility company have areas designated for such, I contribute.

I have used my time management technique to see if I would stay on track. It helped. I have more to add as I go along and will update with pictures as well.

Thanks for listening


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