Starting New Things

My time to start a new. I am developing a weekly plan to get me out of some bad habits. With that said here is my objective.

Being retired has its benefits but can be hazardous depending upon on how you look at it. April 3, 2020, my seventh year into retirement and I am still enjoying the benefit of being in charge of my own schedule and daily activities.

The Weekly Compass is a Steven Covey tool used with a daily planner. And I had used some time ago in my old work life.  (See picture below).

This idea came to me because I have lots of DIY projects to complete and projects I have completed and want to evaluate. What is any better way than keeping up. WRITE IT DOWN. Never liked writing stuff out because I could memorize my tasks pretty well and it worked.

Now I am finding out I need to set intentions to accomplish my projects and to actualize a picture of the end results. If


We all have so many things to think about and attend to. There is nothing wrong with a little help to keep you on track.

PS. Just as an aside, I have added a page to my site titled “Inspiring Atelier”. Pictures of my DIY projects I have worked on since ca 2016 to present.  The link is at the top of my primary page. Give it a click and see what you think.

Thanks for listening.

Sheila C.

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