The Trees

I will start by wishing all an early Merry Christmas to those who celebrate and Happy Holidays to others.

For the past few years I had not bothered with decorations or bothered buying a tree to fancy up. Something changed this year and I ventured into buying a tree. As a matter of fact two.

I follow a few bloggers who are exceptionally gifted DiY’ers. Such, their work has been featured in popular magazines. One particular bloggers site, she presented an article on home tours with well decorated trees and overall beautiful home decor by fellow bloggers for your viewing pleasure.

The meticulous decorations were so aesthetically pleasing to see, my hunt for a christmas tree started. The idea of a white tree came to mind and all the possible color combinations I could work with. After researching sites and reading reviews, I decided not to venture down that road.

Since space is a premium, I needed to be sensible regarding the size and height of my tree. So decided upon a fir pine and lucked upon this one which fit my space perfectly.

Initially, I thought I need new decorations. Turned out I had stored my christmas tree decorations from past christmas’ in bins in my garage. I found all kinds of little goodies to fill the tree with. It was fun decorating my new found tree.

And here is My Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. By the way which came prelit. And I found the little decorative items in my garage.

There are other decorative items displayed about but this was about my trees. I hope everyone will have the most exceptional holiday. Take care. ❤❄⛄

Merry Christmas to all!!!


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