Finding good content to publish.

You want to publish good content on your site and hope your readership will enjoy it. My scant publishings are on purpose. I have other platforms I post on but find myself struggling to find good content to publish on here. I belong to another platform where the readers are definately a literal group as with this platform.

Posting stuff for the sake of likes or being noticed is not the route I want to go. So I take my time and gauge what I want to share with my audience.

A couple of friends of mine are authors and they have written about writing how it isn’t as easy as one would think. I guess you can just throw anything on whatever platform you use, but what is your objective. What are you trying to convey. Those are always my thoughts.

I love pictures of mountain scapes, flowers and other visually pleasing content which I have posted on other sites and have published on WordPress.

However, writing is another animal. So with that said I hope I have presented things of interest for you to enjoy. Thank you for your time and readership.

Sheila C

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