I’ll be 60 in September

I am so blown away about the time and how fast it has flown by.  I was just 50. Hell for that matter 20 30 40.  But let me tell ya after 40 things sped up and here I am.  Feel so thankful to see my life as it is now and not through the spectrum of what should be.  So on that note I leave you with the meme below.  And I truly don’t have the time.  Peace and 💘 Love🌸


  1. I see you retired April 2013 and now it is May 2020–it goes by so fast. I left the workplace in December 2009 and now it is May 2020. I trust you are making the most of t:)his time


    • Your beginning retirement date coincides with my first year living in Florida. I moved here April 2008. You are really a pro at being retired☺. Yes I am doing somethings I hadn’t been able to get around to.


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