The Rise of the All-Consuming Self

The Century of Self, an award winning British documentary, by Curtis Adams focuses on how consumerism got its start and what school of thought it was derived from. The author of Propaganda, Edward Bernays cultivated marketing techniques to drive the desires of the masses.

During our daily view of television we look at commercials and products are being dazzled in our faces and claiming to be the next best thing. While out at your local supermarket products are looming at us before we get to the real intention of why we are there in the first place. And lets not forget the internet which drives a lot of consumerism in today’s modern world, we have Edward Bernays to thank for that. Edward Bernays – also known as the “father of propaganda” – took Freud’s key thesis that individuals were driven by unconscious irrational forces and used it to develop marketing techniques which are now common place. Read More: (the video to accompany the article is not available, but there are plenty of reading links to follow this topic).

We are so driven by our lust and desire to have the next best thing and outshine our peers on all levels whether we can afford the luxury items that place us  in the UBER class of having it all and making it. We go into massive debt regarding our need for social status to impress or outdo our peers which gives us a sense of standing in the community, prestige within our circles and our professional circles.

Edward Bernays was able to extrapolate from Freud’s key thesis and develop marketing techniques which is what we see today. Though we are not aware of it subliminal messages are sent out to the consumer encouraging the purchase or possession of the next best thing and that our quality of life will be better.

Take a further look into how our shopping and buying habits were shaped.

I have provided a link for your further reading.  There are other links that lead to the all time pass time of consumerism and the consuming self.

How did consumerism start. “If we understand the mechanism and motives of the group mind, it is now possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without them knowing it.” -Edward Bernays, (Propaganda 1928, p.71) Read More:

Focuses on how marketing techniques developed by Edward Brynes has shaped consumerism
Focuses on how marketing techniques developed by Edward Brynes has shaped consumerism

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