Reinventing yourself what does that mean

Lets start with the definition of reinvent: to change something that already exists & give it a different form or purpose.

I stumbled upon an article by James Altucher who is an American Hedge Fund Manager, entrepreneur.  I love the way we describe people and their accomplishments.  None the less I found an article from his newsletter “The Altucher Confidential” “Ideas for a world out of balance”.

Exactly what are we trying to figure out about ourselves so we may present this new package to the world.  I would like to think that we evolve everyday.  Whether it is in increments, leaps and bounds or some esoteric way.  Not really sure myself.  However, what I found interesting about James Altucher’s articles is he gives you a breakdown which he calls a cheat sheet on how to reinvent yourself.

His cheat sheet is pretty down to earth and not some pie in the sky stuff.  It makes you stop and smell the roses if you will.  The words are pretty straight forward and simple to understand.  Finding your passion as everyone seems to let slip off their lips these days can be illusive.  But I want you to pay particular attention to paragraph E.  Pretty simple you think.  Anyways enjoy the cheat sheet you may find something that strikes a cord with you.

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